2-wire inductive proximity sensors and switches by scheme "Namur"
for direct current (DC)

These are inductive proximity sensors and switches by scheme "Namur" that are used in industrial systems, as automation equipment for switching at two-wire electrical circuits of direct current. The sensors are with normally closed output and are used as a variable resistor in the electrical circuits in which are included. Their output is switched off when approaching a metal object to their active area. The inductive proximity sensors and switches by scheme "Namur" are resistant to moisture and dust. They have a longer period of work due to contactless switching of the electrical circuits.

Proximity sensor P1-12.62.N   Sn=2.6mm, 2-wire by scheme "Namur", NC, 8.2VDC, M12x39mm

Inductive proximity sensor M12, switch P1-12.62.N

Unshielded type proximity sensor M12 for direct current with plastic housing M12x39mm, with normally closed contact. The maximum distance of operation of the proximity sensor is 2,6mm. The sensor ends with a 2-wire PVC connecting cable with a length of 2m. As the sensor acts as a variable resistance in the circuit included it does not have LED indication and the sensor's output is not protected of overload and short circuit.

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Price: 20.50 EUR